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On this episode of Top Five Movies, Jonathan Berk (@berkreviews) and Craig Sybert (@MusicMusing_) got the opportunity to chat with actress Michelle Simone Miller (@MichelleSimoneM). They discussed her passion for movies and how she got into acting before asking her the “getting to know your movie history” questions. The episode concludes with Michelle breaking down her all-time Top Five Movies.
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Aside from the crab, Simone Miller's is the best performance in this ultimately lighthearted movie, albeit one that features human limbs getting chopped off by huge claws. Her wild character is believable in its spacy ferocity... A jokey, light-hearted tone and nicely kooky characters don't hide some strained performances, though Simone Miller stands out as Melissa, a wild-eyed trippy-hippy with crabs. Recommended monster fun!
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for Michelle Miller's performance in "Queen Crab"
Interview with Director - Brett Piper
How did Michelle Simone Miller get involved with Queen Crab?
Michelle had actually sent in a resume for an earlier movie Mark Polonia and I did, The Dark Sleep... Michelle lives in New York City which is about five hours away so we never actually had a chance to meet, but Richard Lounello (who played Deputy Huggins) goes into Manhattan fairly frequently and he met with her and recorded an audition. We offered her the part and that was that. I think she was an excellent choice. Some of the reviews I’ve seen have singled her out for praise.
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for Michelle Miller's performance in "Queen Crab"
Though much about the film is in flux at present, Piper and Polonia are hoping to start on the principle photography a week from today. His cast includes (pictured below in order) "scream queens" Michelle Miller and Kathryn Metz, and "screen hunks" Richard Louello and A.J. DeLucia. In the cast is also "the usual gang of Polonia-land characters: Ken Van Sant, Steve Diasparra, Danielle Donahue, etc.".
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for Michelle Miller's performance in "Queen Crab"
"Miller does a fantastic job giving us Vivian, a character in search of pretty much anything, desperate to belong and to be accepted, while at the same time refusing to give in. Miller does an expert job of showing us Vivian's determination yet at the same time her desperate need to have the approval and presence of other people."

for Michelle Miller's performance in "Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls"
"One of the real star performances in this year's show was Michelle Miller who performed a monologue called "The Vagina Workshop"...
She was not only able to bring convincing life to this woman's plight but also to stay present in each moment of the piece, creating an arc that was believable and heartfelt."

for Michelle Miller's performance in "The Vagina Monologues"
"Senior Michelle Miller's moving portrayal of Catherine in the studio drama, "Proof," gave the play its spark." "Miller, visibly the most seasoned actor of the four, did a fine job as the play's central character, playing her role with sincere passion and intensity and delivering the most consistent performance on both afternoons. Throughout the show, Miller's facial and body expressions were seamlessly subtle, yet wholly persuasive in crafting a character that was easily relatable to the audience."

for Michelle Miller's performance in "Proof"
"As the Bridegroom and the Servant (senior Michelle Miller), Kopyt and Miller gave consistently solid performances. Even though they were not the focus of the show, it gave the emotional center of the play, the Bride and her renewed relationship with Leonard, more potency."

for Michelle Miller's performance in "Blood Wedding"